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MyPromotive’s e-shop has been developed to provide the best online directory of branded products in Greece & abroad. Our e-shop contains a wide array of apparel, gifts, and accessories. With more than 1000 unique clothing, accessories, and items codes, you can find the perfect product to connect your brand with your customers.

In today’s highly competitive marketing environment, branded products provide an excellent choice for entrepreneurs that look for modern & traditional marketing strategies.

Branded products will allow your customers to interact with your brand. Recent research (Specialty Advertising Institute, 2019) has shown that promotional products are the most efficient form of marketing.

86% of ad recipients remember the advertiser, 83% will most likely buy or collaborate with the brand, 81% keep the advertising material for more than one year, and 53% use it at least once per week.

It’s simple – branded products have a real effect!


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